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Android 4.0 Mini PC - Surf the net on your TVNew

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Android 4.0 Mini PC - Surf the net on your TV

The Android 4.0 Mini PC is a computer packed into a tiny USB drive. It fits in the palm of your hands, but it has a processor, RAM, built-in storage, and I/O ports, and turns your TV set into an Android PC instantly! Simply stick the Android 4.0 Mini PC into the HDMI port on your TV (using the included USB - HDMI cable) and you will be able to do everything you do with your tablet! Chatting through the Twitter app? Sure! Downloading and Playing Android games on your large screen TV? Of course! Watching an inspirational TED presentation? Not a problem! The Android Mini PC lets you experience the latest Android operating system in a newer, bigger way! …

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