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About Sella

What is Sella?

Sella.co.nz is an online auction and classifieds site that was founded in November 2008 with the desire to give Kiwis a choice when it comes to buying and selling online. Until the launch of Sella, the online auction space in New Zealand was dominated by one player, TradeMe. We believe passionately that it's important for New Zealanders to have a strong, viable alternative to provide competition and choice. We believe such competition results in lower prices, better features and functionality and improved customer service - all founding principles of Sella and more importantly, all great benefits for consumers.

How is Sella different? IT'S FREE

Sella is free of commissions or success fees. Pure and simple, it's free to buy or list. Our business model is to make money selling advertising on the site as well as offering featured listings, where for a small fee, users can buy priority ranking (ie: display their listings above others).

Why do we think we can compete with TradeMe when no one else has been able to?

We are experienced at running online businesses. Sella is part of IdeaHQ which owns New Zealand's favourite group buying website, GrabOne.co.nz, and is a partner in Flicks.co.nz. The skills we learnt building these websites have been put to use in building Sella, so we know how to build good sites that attract members.

And we are part of New Zealand's largest media company, APN News & Media, which owns many of the country's major newspapers, radio stations and outdoor advertising businesses.

How is it going so far?

Fantastically well and in fact better than we could have dreamed of, thanks to the massive support shown to us by the online trading community. Since launch in October 2008 we now have:

  • 550,000 members
  • 480,000 listings
  • 415,000 users per month

How can you help us?

We are growing at a fast rate and every month more and more Kiwis are joining our network, keeping more of their "hard earned" by selling and buying stuff online for free. The more support we receive, the better job we can do.

Next time you're buying something, have a look on Sella. Every day more people are telling us they would rather sell through us, because they have worked out they save on average 7% on fees compared to other fee-based trading sites. *

Plus, if you're listing an item remember that it costs you nothing, even when it sells.

Test what we say. What have you got to lose?

We want to be the best free buying and selling online site in New Zealand. We are in this business for the long haul and we are always interested in your ideas to help us improve further - so please send us your feedback. You can contact us via helpdesk@sella.co.nz

Check Sella.co.nz anytime you want to buy or sell something online - we've got more than you think.

* based on TradeMe's 7.5% success fee on general auction listings, sold under $200.

If you have any feedback, good and bad, please contact us and let us know.

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