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Nissan Terrano / Mistral, EXPORT or Farm use.

Closed:Nobody won this item.
Closed: 5:28 pm, Monday, 28 January 2013
Ref: kjp05d
Nissan Terrano / Mistral,  EXPORT or Farm use.

This is branded a Nissan Terrano, but it's more like a Mistral / facelift, facelift as a wrecker has advised me. Don't know of any others here in NZ to date like this one. Perhaps Unique. It has not been exempted for compliance to date as she has a Euro 2 engine, even after obtaining the necessary dox, ie, Statement of Compliance, from Nissan Africa as she was imported from Tanzania in 2008, so because she is too good to wreck, she is now for sale…

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